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MidWest Wednesday: More Ferguson

3624695782_44504c40c5_zLast week I talked about what happened in Ferguson Missouri…unfortunately, it is STILL going on. More details have come out and I just have to shake my head. The news conference is linked previously…but even that doesn’t tell everything. There is so much I just don’t understand about any of this Ferguson situation. I jumped in on the blame game too…and I based my article off of what we knew at the time. It may not have been fully correct, but the overall message still rings true, it is everyone’s fault. The kid, the cop, the protesters, the politicians, all of them share the blame is this disaster. One single thing did not cause this, a culmination of events and feelings and just things made this explode into a national tragedy. But don’t worry, breathe easy America, Eric Holder says “change is coming“. Yeah, just like all that hope and change that happened after November 2008. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: Apparently, HHS doesn’t have phones

Feel free to use this image just link to www.rentvine.comThere used to be a time people could be counted on to reliably communicate. Today there exists a myriad of ways to get in contact with someone – a phone call, an email, a text message, etc etc etc… Strange then, that it seems as though Indiana Governor Mike Pence had to hear from the press, not the federal government itself, that the Department of Health and Human Services had placed almost 250 immigrant children in the Hoosier State throughout the first six months of this year. Continue reading

MidWest Monday: American liar

Michael-MooreMichael Moore, the popular “documentary” film maker/blatant lair from Flint made the news recently. It turns out the anti-capitalist hater of the rich turns out to be exceedingly wealthy. Raise your hand if you are shocked by this (don’t raise your hand, it’s not shocking at all). His net worth is around $50 million, not exactly the “everyman” he likes to portray himself as. All of this is coming to light again as Moore files for divorce from his wife of 22 years.

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MidWest Wednesday: Establishment and Iowa

Iowa_capitolThe Republican Part of Iowa  (RPI) recently replaced their Chairman, ousting Danny Carroll by a vote of 14-2. Of course this is another “establishment vs insurgent” line played up by the media with “forces loyal to Gov. Terry Branstad” seizing control of the party. The Chairmanship of RPI has been a bit tumultuous the past several years with Ron/Rand Paul supporters warring with those who identify more with Branstad and Senator Chuck Grassley. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: NFL cash grab in Minnesota


It seems like every week I am writing about how some rich dudes are trying to get more and more from the average joes. I don’t mean to…but the stories just keep on happening. This time, the NFL and their owners are the culprits. The Twin Cities were selected as the host for the 2018 Super Bowl, beating out Indianapolis and New Orleans. After seeing the list of demands the NFL is placing on Minneapolis-St. Paul, those two other cities may count themselves as lucky. I guess greed is one of the ways that the rich stay rich.

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MidWest Wednesday: Rust Belt renovation

Bethlehem SteelThe Rust Belt. A name commonly associated with the Midwest. It is an area that takes up all of Ohio, Much of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and the Northern half of Indiana. It extends all the way to Chicago and Milwaukee, continuing East into Pennsylvania and New York. It serves as a reminder of what once was American manufacturing might, part of what made this nation a global superpower. Now it serves as fodder for jokes and punchlines.

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MidWest Wednesday: Tea Party vs. Establishment

The battle for the GOP could decide who controls Congress

The battle for the GOP could decide who controls Congress

Much has been made of the growing divide between the GOP and the Tea Party. Heck, we have covered it several times here, most notable in this recent column. The tensions there are real, you can see it playing out on the national stage of the United States Congress. The reasons are varied, though most of the talk surrounds “establishment Republicans”. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: War on Coal

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court added fuel to President Obama’s war on coal. By a decision of 6 to 2, the SCOTU upheld the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule which stated that states with coal-fired power plants were subject to different standards than their neighbors who may not have as many coal-fired plants.

The impact of the ruling upon utilities may be minimal though, as many states have either retrofitted existing coal plants to comply with other EPA regulations or have shut down their plants in favor of natural gas. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: One House to rule them all

They all sit here...unicameral and nonpartisan

They all sit here…unicameral and nonpartisan

Nebraska is just a little bit different than other states when it comes to politics. Not only are they farther ahead of other states when it comes to their electoral college approach, but they also have a non-partisan unicameral legislature. This means that there is only one House…and it is not divided into Republican or Democrat.

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MidWest Wednesday: Funerals and protests

The Patriot Guard Riders help deflect some of the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church

Recently the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church died. Normally the death of a church leader is not national news. This is different though. The Westboro Baptist Church (both Baptist and Church could be put in quotes in this case) is the group that protests military funerals across the nation. Their reasoning – the death of soldiers is the nation’s punishment for accepting homosexuality.

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