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Hoosier Tuesday: Tully – Congressional hearings on Congress

Dirksen226It has been awhile since I sat down to write a Hoosier Tuesday column. Partly this is because politics in Indiana haven’t been all that newsworthy. There aren’t any competitive races, nothing with a national impact or appeal. But Matthew Tully’s column ends that dry-spell for us.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Evansville’s role model


For starters – someone needs to upload a new picture of the Evansville skyline to Wikipedia. Casino Aztar is now Tropicana Evansville and has been for quite a while.

Yesterday I posted an article about how a group from Evansville trekked north to Grand Rapids, Michigan to look at how that city has grown and redeveloped their downtown. Grand Rapids is a nice model to base the cities goals on, but there are some significant differences to note…and some of them are rather substantial.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Taking the Constitution back

What hasn't been seen for over 200 years may soon be seen again

What hasn’t been seen for over 200 years may soon be seen again

Recently, Indiana hosted legislators from all over the country to discuss the possibility of setting up a constitutional convention. This is something big, something real. A convention of this possible sort has not happened since the Constitution itself was ratified. While no amendments to the document were discussed, the ground rules for a possible convention were. As they say, baby steps.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Medicaid Matters

The Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 should not be dismissed as just "more government spending"

The Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 should not be dismissed as just “more government spending”

The Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think tank in DC, came down against Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for his decision to expand the state’s alternative Medicaid program. One of the reasons for this, of course, is because the Medicaid funds are tied to the ACA (Obamacare). For some Conservatives, any spending is bad spending. And honestly, with the debt situation being what it is, this approach is understandable. There needs to be some elasticity to this approach though.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Coats gets it

49806194It seems like such a simple notion. Granted, it is a notion that millions of Americans have trouble with in their everyday lives but one would think (hope?) that those we elect to represent our best interests in Washington could grasp the concept. Unfortunately, such is not the case. What is this illusive idea that evades our government? Well, it’s math. It’s the fundamental basis that in order to be financially stable, one must take in more than they spend. Continue reading

Hoosier Tuesday: Call of (civic) duty

Voting is not just a right, it is a duty

Voting is not just a right, it is a duty

Today was Primary Day in Indiana. As detailed last week, this election season has shown me a few things I have not really seen before (Not just in the Hoosier State, throughout four different states too). I performed my civic duty and voted with my son in tow. It was fun to be able to take him with me as I explained why we voted.

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Hoosier Tuesday: States’ Rights

States's Rights have been fought over since this country was first estabished

States’s Rights have been fought over since this country was first established

Recently, Indiana Governor Mike Pence addressed the NRA Convention which took place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. While he talked about several issues (as you would expect from someone who is going to test the presidential waters), he hit upon an issue that we champion here at The MidWest Wing – that of states’ rights. Continue reading

Hoosier Tuesday: President Pence?

Gov. Mike Pence could be on the campaign trail in 2016...but it may not be in a bid for re-election

Gov. Mike Pence will be on the campaign trail in 2016…but it may not be in a bid for re-election

Was there any doubt that Gov. Mike Pence had aspirations that reach beyond the governor’s mansion? If you thought he was content in Indy, perhaps the fact that he will headline the Wisconsin Republican convention will dispel those fictitious ideas. While Wisconsin is not a headliner state like Iowa or New Hampshire, it’s also not Indiana…a place where a Governor who is focused only on his state would be.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Hemp for Hoosiers?

Spring in Orange County Indiana

Hoosiers and Hemp

The Indiana Seed Commissioner (not a position found in every state – it certainly speaks to Indiana’s roots) has reportedly asked the federal government to waive their restriction for Hoosier farmers. The preceding Hoosier Tuesday column noted that the state had passed a law lifting its own restriction on the growth of hemp. This is just the next step in the process that will hopefully allow Indiana farmers to add another crop to their rotation.

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