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GOP Town Hall Meetings – An Opportunity Wasted…

During this August “Recess” we are frequently hearing about Republican Legislators holding “closed” Town Hall Meetings.  In order to avoid the yelling and screaming that have become so commonplace on YouTube, they are instead letting political organizations charge nominal fees (say $10) for people to participate.  The thought with this process is that it will keep out the protesters and ensure that those who are in the room are actually interested in discussion.  While Democrats cry foul over this, they also encourage the yelling and shouting that is so disruptive and makes many Town Hall a waste of time for everyone else involved.

Perhaps the idea of giving to conservative organizations is being used as a deterrent for liberal protesters.  If it is not, and is just political favoritism, I think the GOP is wasting a golden opportunity.  It would be nice to see theses Congresspeople use their town halls as charitable activities rather than as a way to siphon money to friendly organizations that frankly don’t need the money.  It would be nice to see that $500 to $1000 go to a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or a local Habitat for Humanity build.

I feel that too often the Republican and Democrats in who represent us in our states and in Washington tend to forget that they are their to serve the people of their community, not their parties or those who will vote for them in primaries.  So, while I understand the tactics they use to keep the town halls orderly, I think that better options exist.

A Belated Good-Bye to Tim Pawlenty 2012

So Tim Pawlenty came and went.  He finished 3rd in the Iowa Straw Poll, which evidently was just not enough to get him back in the money.  Granted, he was EXPECTED to finish 3rd, behind the cults of Bachmann and Paul, but he spent A LOT  of money to do exactly what he was supposed to do these past few month.  One has to wonder, if he had spent half as much as he did, would the results still have been the same?

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Rick Perry’s move is Presidential

A lot is being made of the possible campaign announcement of Rick Perry in South Carolina this weekend.  It is, without a doubt, the biggest announcement in the 2012 race.  The Governor of one of our largest states announcing he is running for President is newsworthy.  The fact that he will be doing it in South Carolina on the day of the Iowa Straw Poll has to make every major news outlet in the US giddy.  This guy is not only throwing down the gauntlet to the other candidates, he is throwing it down, picking it up, and then slapping them in the face with it.

By Perry skipping the Iowa Straw Poll AND making his announcement on the same day, he is making a statement to the nation that he think those in Ames are small time.  The articles almost write themselves.  Perry is showing an ego with this move, something that is actually missing from the current Presidential race.  Basically, this just says that “I am bigger and better than the rest of you” to every candidate who is pandering for votes in Ames.  Because of Perry, the Iowa Straw Poll may well be below the fold (or not even on the front page) in many of the major papers.

The Republican Party has been waiting for someone to arrive on the scene who had that big picture feel.  Mitt Romney was the closest candidate so far in that regard, but right now the sentiment is that “Mitt’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep”.  Maybe Rick Perry can be that candidate.  This first step sure looks like good one to me.

I am sure there will be more on Perry in the days/weeks/months to come, but this story was too good to pass up.

Quick Update

apologies to everyone for the recent lack of content. the writers (myself included) have been pretty busy the last month. We hope stuff will slow down and allow us to refocus a couple times a week. Our goal is still to get you at least 2 posts a week, something we have failed in recently.