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Buying American?

As it is the season of personal spending I thought I would delve into the notion of buying American or the jingoistic notion of “Made in the USA”.  This year I made a New Year’s resolution to start buying more American made goods.  This has become a difficult task and caused me re-examine my thinking, especially when it comes to clothing.

As most of you are no doubt aware, the vast majority of clothing you can buy in a brick-and-mortar store is NOT made in the USA, rather it is made in Mexico or some other Latin American country or it is made in Asia.  My resolution to “buy American” did not actually cause me to purchase any more American made clothing items, rather it ended up just preventing me from buying clothing items in general (not that I am complaining, it is good to be frugal).  I re-examined my thinking after taking some trips to the outlet mall and the local mall.  I realized that if my resolution was adopted by a much larger cohort it would have a significant impact on most clothing stores and their employees.

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Fiscal Cliff Diving

Cliff jumping in Cyprus

Since the election ended it seems that all of the focus of the political media has been centered on the impending “fiscal cliff”.  It has been set up as showdown between the President and Congressional Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).  Now, depending on your news source preference  one or both of them are playing the villain roles.  Opinion seems about split as to whether or not America will indeed go over the fiscal cliff with some in the media advocating that it is in the best interest of our nationals future to do so.     Their reasoning is that our nation needs to embrace short-term sacrifice for long-term gains; that heading over the fiscal cliff would actually be the most fiscally responsible thing to do in the long-term.

The reality of the situation is that neither Mr. Boehner or Mr. Obama is the villain.  Both, in a sense, have backing of the American people.  The voters elected Mr. Obama to a 2nd term while they voted for a GOP majority in the House of Representatives, assuring Mr. Boehner two more years as Speaker.  Given this, that both have the “support” of the American public, I tend to think a compromise will be reached in the waning hours prior to the approaching cliff.  Hard-liners in each party will be upset by this, but I see it as the politically reasonable result.  President Obama, of course, has the upper hand (personally) due to not having to worry about another election.  His party though has just as much to lose as the GOP if the United States heads back into another recession.

– Sam the Eagle

Voter ID..ea



I Voted Today (But in Fitzwalkerstan It's Lost...

I Voted Today (Photo credit: Madison Guy)


With our latest election now in the rear-view mirror I thought it was an apt time to discuss the “voter ID..ea” (see what I did there).  Many liberals were up in arms in late October and early November in states that had so-called “strict” voter id laws (such as showing a driver’s license in order to vote) by saying this discriminated against the poor.  Conservatives on the other hand, were trumpeting the evolution of such laws as ways to cut down on voter fraud.  As if often the case, both sides have valid points.


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