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Memorial Day Weekend – A Time to Reflect and a Call to Support

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us once more – a three-day weekend that has been reserved for you to see family, watch the Indy 500, or catch up on yard work that has been quietly calling to you over the past few weeks.  You might pause to watch a firework show on Sunday evening or pull out your dusty American flag as a way to remember our country’s fallen heroes.  There are ways our society has taught us to pause, reflect, and remember, but what can we do to help the heroes that need our support now?   Perhaps this Memorial Day Weekend, you can use the appreciation you feel towards our fallen heroes as fuel to reach out to a military family currently in need of your support.  According to the National Military Family Association, 70 percent of military families live in civilian communities – not on military installations.  This means that you most likely know of a military family currently living in your neighborhood.

What can you do to help?

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King Follows Suit

English: US Rep. Steve King

Last week it was announced that U.S. Representative Steve King would not seek the senate seat being vacated by long time Senator Tom Harkin. Harkin, despite facing staunch challenges from Iowa Republicans, will have served 30 years in the Senate by the time he retires (he also served ten years in the House prior to being elected to the Senate in 1984). King, long thought to have an eye on the Senate, declined stated that he would not run for the seat, following in the footsteps of Rep. Tom Latham and Lt. Gov Kim Reynolds earlier this year.

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Hard Cider: Ripe for Michigan


In looking over my recent posts it seems that I have somewhat neglected a subject matter area that we claim to focus on here.  The tagline reads “Politics and Life in Middle America”.  There certainly is no lack of posts about politics, but not so much about life.  Don’t worry, this blog will not suddenly start focusing on what people ate for breakfast or gardening tips.  But there are some interesting things that fall under “life” that can be written about.  I should probably start doing that…

In the past few months I have developed a taste for hard cider.  It started by picking up a four-pack of Crispin while on vacation.  When I returned home, I picked up a six-pack of Angry Orchard and then a week later some Redd’s Apple Ale (yes, I know it’s not “hard cider”…I’m just telling you the story is all).  I have never been a beer-drinker but I have to say that hard cider is really appealing.  It is great to have with pizza, while grilling, or just hanging out.  There is just one thing that bothers me about it…I can’t find any that is made in Michigan!

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Justin Amash Would Add Twist to MI Senate Race

JustinAmashIt seems that you can’t turn your head these days without seeing a story on Michigan’s precocious Congressman Justin Amash (R – MI 3).  The latest stories center around the possibility of a Senate run to replace Carl Levin, who is retiring following the completion of his sixth (!!!) term in 2014, as well as the so-called rise of Libertarianism within the GOP rank and file in Washington DC.  But Amash has been in the news almost since he arrived in DC following the 2010 elections.  Following the recent election he even garnered support from a few colleagues as an alternative to then – and current – Speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio.

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