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Obamacare delayed…unfortunately not forever

obamacare-cartoon-2-aRecently the White House announced that the employer mandate of Obamacare was to be delayed until 2015. However, the individual mandate – the constitutionality of which was challenged in 2012 – has not been delayed, much to the dismay of Congressional Republicans. The delay was announced in a 606 page “memo” from the White House along with a few other points of note. The Washington Post claims that the word delay appears 45 times throughout the 606 pages.

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The Defense of Marriage? – from my column at


(EDITOR’S NOTE – this story was originally published on 6/27 in my column at IVN – The MidWest Wing Report)

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (more commonly referred to as DOMA), Conservatives across the country are up in arms. As a Conservative, this baffles me to some degree. Conservatives are supposed to believe in smaller government, not overreaching, allowing more choices to be made by the individual states not an overarching federal government. However, that does not stop many Conservatives from being upset because they want smaller government on their terms. This seems to be the latest instance of just such a matter.

Few would dispute that California is different from Indiana, that New York is not the same as South Dakota.

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