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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you. We hope you are able to spend this time with family and friends. If you are in the Midwest, hopefully the nasty weather has subsided and it looks a little bit more like Christmas should. Blessings to all of you.

State of The MidWest Wing – 2013

First, and most important, thank you for stopping by and reading. I sincerely appreciate your presence and participation. I started this a couple years ago (and a few sites back) and yet this is really just the beginning of what I feel it can be.

I am hoping to have some additional voices join me (most of whom you have already read on here before). This might allow us to do some very interesting things moving forward. Facebook and Twitter interaction will increase as well. Several things have been updated on the backend of the site (some you will notice, many you won’t). The goal is for new content to be published every day (except Sunday) with the hope that each day brings multiple updates.

That being said, as you may have noticed the regular posts that took place this fall will become not so regular as the year winds down. I have several things on my plate personally and with DC essentially shutting down (didn’t they just do that this fall though?) and most of the Midwestern state legislatures currently out of session, there isn’t nearly as much newsworthy content.

However, this gives me a chance to look at what I want this site to become going forward as well as tackle some more long-form pieces. I would also welcome any ideas from you as to how The MidWest Wing can grow and improve in 2014 and beyond.

Will a 51st State Be Created through Secession? – from my column at

Could we see a flag with more than 50 stars some day?

Could we see a flag with more than 50 stars some day?

(EDITOR’S NOTE – this story was originally published on 11/6 in my column at IVN) 

Secession, a word common 150 years ago, is once again gaining steam in several states. In the quest for a government that is more representative of the people, groups of different ideologies want to break away from the majority.

However, this separatist movement is unlike the days leading up to the Civil War; it is bloodless and involves regions of states separating from the state itself. Rural areas want to disconnect from urban areas; conservative groups want to break away from governments they feel are too liberal.

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Americans disapproval of parties signals need for electoral reform – from my column at



(EDITOR’S NOTE – this story was originally published on 10/14 in my column at IVN)

A recently released poll from Gallup finds that the public opinion of the Republican Party has sunk to a record low of 28 percent. According to Gallup, this is the lowest rating for either party in the 21 years they have been tracking such numbers. Prior to this, the previous low was 31 percent in 1999.

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Hoosier Tuesday: A growing economy

Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve – Monroe County, Indiana


No, not the movie with Kelso from That 70’s Show. Real jobs, where people make money and stuff. It seems that Indiana has them. The most recent unemployment numbers were released and Indiana saw its largest rate drop in twenty years. The unemployment rate in Hoosier state is now 7.5 percent, falling from 8.4 in July and 8.6 at the beginning of the year. That big drop is a big deal! Hopefully its the beginning of a trend and not just a random blip.

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