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Michigan Monday: Opening Day

Happy Opening Day!

Happy Opening Day!

So, there was a bit of a lull here at The MidWest Wing thanks to spring break and such. But, we are back…just in time for Opening Day in Detroit. Go Tigers! If you are a Tigers fan (and if you aren’t, why not?) head of to Walkoff Woodward for all your Tigers discussion. Hopefully today allows the sports fans in Michigan to forget about the outcomes of yesterday’s basketball games. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: Obama’s Bracket

March Madness…in more ways than one

So, our Bracketeer-in-Chief is at it again. This year he has (mistakenly) picked the fourth seeded Michigan State Spartans to win it all. Wait, why are we even talking about this? Why does it matter at all? Shouldn’t he be doing something a touch more important?

I understand that needs a distraction, he is only human. Do we need press conferences and interviews? While Russia is taking over parts of the former Soviet Union, is the picture of our president filling out his bracket on a big ol’ whiteboard really the image we should be conveying to the world?

Leadership, some have it…and some pick Sparty while Russian tanks roll forward with their troops marching right behind.

Hoosier Tuesday: Short session summary

Spring is almost here…

The session has ended, go in peace

The short session (even-numbered years are “short sessions” while odd-numbered years run longer) of the Indiana Legislature is over and several bills went down to the wire. The BPPT passed and now heads to Gov. Pence’s desk for his signature (I will let you in on a secret…he’s going to sign it). This is an important step for Indiana and should help the state remain competitive when it comes to keeping businesses here and attracting new ones to the state.

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Michigan Monday: I call Shenanigans!

Shenanigans seems rather Irish and as such, fitting for today

Shenanigans seems rather Irish and as such, fitting for today

Fund…raising? Hmm, I call Shenanigans

Bill Schuette, Michigan’s Attorney General, released a report stating that Michigan charities only received 38 cents for every dollar that was raised in their name. In 2012, the number was 35 cents. I am not sure which is worse, that charities only get 38 percent of what is raised fin their name or that it’s an improvement over the previous year. To be honest, both are rather disgusting.

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Thursdays on the Trail: What, an attack ad that’s off-base?

BREAKING: A political attack ad is wrong!

How could something on television be incorrect? The idea that an advertisement, let alone one regarding politics, could take a sliver of truth and misrepresent it just seems…inconceivable.

Well, at least the liberals aren’t doing such things. Oh, what’s that? They are just as guilty? I just don’t know what to say, how could this be?

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MidWest Wednesday: MLB pensions could K

mlbMajor League Baseball (MLB) is all over the Midwest. Chicago (x2), Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis,  and St. Louis are all home to MLB franchises, to say nothing of the plethora of minor league franchises that dot the landscape of the region. Some of the oldest and most renowned clubs in MLB history have their roots in the Midwest. That is what makes this news so disheartening.

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Hoosier Tuesday: The end (of the session) is upon us

Spring is almost here and that means the legislative session is winding down

Well, we have entered the final week of the Hoosier legislative session (both the good and bad of a part-time legislature). Gov. Pence’s pet project – the BPPT (Business Personal Property Tax) – has still not been resolved by the legislature. This seems like a massive blunder by the governor’s administration. He singled out the item in his State of the State and has a Republican majority in both houses of the legislature, yet the bill could be one of the last measures passed (if it passes at all) this session. It kind of makes you think that people haven’t been on the same page this year.

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Michigan Monday: Taking Stock

In honor my new discovery, the beaver that lives in my lake

(Editor’s Note: Today’s edition is a bit late due to some website difficulties, my apologies)

Legislation has been proposed that would create a Michigan Stock Exchange, allowing the state’s residents to invest in Michigan-based small businesses. This is exactly the type of novel thinking that state legislatures should be pursuing. It is an out-of-the-box proposal that could dramatically alter the state’s business climate. Essentially, it takes the crowdfunding concept and puts a local spin to it while also stepping up the legitimacy of the entire process (not that crowdfunding isn’t legit…but something of this magnitude would certainly alter people’s perceptions of the idea). Continue reading

In The Weeds: Throwback Attacks

You can't hide from the truth or truthers!

You can’t hide from the truth or truthers!

James Madison, America’s fourth President, “father of the Constitution” and author of the Bill of Rights is considered a founding father hero by many. It was Madison who wrote, among many amendments,  the 10th  Amendment which says powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people, a rally cry of many limited government conservatives. The Madison Project is a PAC which works to get conservative Republicans elected to Congress, specifically in Red States. It’s safe to say that the Tea Party, people who use the term “rino,” and anyone who says “I’m not a Republican, I’m a conservative” hails James Madison as a hero.

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Reagan and the Russia problem

Much has been made of Ronald Reagan’s legacy within both the Republican Party and American history. While he is not coming back, no matter how much the GOP wants him too, the leadership he exhibited can re-emerge. The question  we have posited here many times before is: who will be that leader?

No, I am not saying that the person the Republicans nominate in 2016 should be a Reagan clone. In fact, far from it. What we can do is look to Reagan and see that the options may not be as concrete as some think they are.

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