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MidWest Wednesday: War on Coal

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court added fuel to President Obama’s war on coal. By a decision of 6 to 2, the SCOTU upheld the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule which stated that states with coal-fired power plants were subject to different standards than their neighbors who may not have as many coal-fired plants.

The impact of the ruling upon utilities may be minimal though, as many states have either retrofitted existing coal plants to comply with other EPA regulations or have shut down their plants in favor of natural gas. Continue reading

Hoosier Tuesday: States’ Rights

States's Rights have been fought over since this country was first estabished

States’s Rights have been fought over since this country was first established

Recently, Indiana Governor Mike Pence addressed the NRA Convention which took place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. While he talked about several issues (as you would expect from someone who is going to test the presidential waters), he hit upon an issue that we champion here at The MidWest Wing – that of states’ rights. Continue reading

Michigan Monday: More minimum wage efforts

Minimum wages across America

Minimum wages across America

More minimum wage

The push to raise the minimum wage in Michigan is still receiving a lot of play, and the groups looking to make a ballot initiative push for the measure are raking in some cash with over $353,000 in total contributions during the last quarter. Interestingly enough, the group paid almost half of that to a company out of California to help in the signature collection efforts needed to so that the minimum wage hike would make it onto the November ballot. Continue reading

History and Hot Air

Hot air has a long history in politics

Hot air has a long history in politics

A history lesson and a bunch of hot air. That is the summation of this article in Politico Magazine. It is three pages long…two and a half talk about the author’s Conservative credentials. Congratulations man, you have been on this earth a long time and you were Conservative before it was cool. This deserves national attention why?

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The United States of Makers & Takers

The government redistributes wealth throughout the states

The government redistributes wealth throughout the states

The United States embraces the idea of equality, yet the states that comprise the Union are not equal at all. As such, each state is treated differently by the federal government due to the unique situations within its borders. Some states are taxed more heavily; others may receive more federal funds. Each time secession from the United States is brought up, these ideas should be examined as a good number of states could not survive without the help of the others.

To this end, the discussion of “makers & takers” begins. The prevailing viewpoint is that states who pay more in taxes than they receive in federal funds are the “makers” while those contribute less in taxes than what they get back in funding are the “takers”. Is it really that simple though?

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Hoosier Tuesday: President Pence?

Gov. Mike Pence could be on the campaign trail in 2016...but it may not be in a bid for re-election

Gov. Mike Pence will be on the campaign trail in 2016…but it may not be in a bid for re-election

Was there any doubt that Gov. Mike Pence had aspirations that reach beyond the governor’s mansion? If you thought he was content in Indy, perhaps the fact that he will headline the Wisconsin Republican convention will dispel those fictitious ideas. While Wisconsin is not a headliner state like Iowa or New Hampshire, it’s also not Indiana…a place where a Governor who is focused only on his state would be.

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April 15th = Tax Day

Heads up, in case you have been living under a rock, your taxes are due today. Maybe you will get a check back from the government because your paid too much throughout the year…or many you didn’t pay enough and they will be wanting even more from you.

Take a look at some of the tax related articles we have had here at The MidWest Wing:

Our Tax System(s) And Why A Dollar =/= A Dollar

Camp takes on taxes

Hoosier Tuesday: From the archives – Tax breaks/credits ruin the free market

Today is a reminder that this nation is in dire need of tax reform. Americans spend hours upon hours attempting to do their own taxes, or they spend hundreds of dollars on accountants in order to make sure they don’t owe thousands to the government (sometimes with little guarantee that the accountants are correct). Good system, that.

Maybe by this time next year, we will have the overhaul we all deserve. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that though.

Michigan Monday: Recycling and re-election

Even with the bottle and can return program, Michigan can still do better

Even with the bottle and can return program, Michigan can still do better

Recycling makes cents…err sense

Michigan has national notoriety for its ten-cent return on bottles and cans, yet its statewide recycling lags behind the national average. The national average for household recycling is estimated at 35 percent but Michigan is a full 20 points lower at around 15 percent. Gov. Rick Snyder is hoping to change that with a new program though.

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MidWest Wednesday: One House to rule them all

They all sit here...unicameral and nonpartisan

They all sit here…unicameral and nonpartisan

Nebraska is just a little bit different than other states when it comes to politics. Not only are they farther ahead of other states when it comes to their electoral college approach, but they also have a non-partisan unicameral legislature. This means that there is only one House…and it is not divided into Republican or Democrat.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Hemp for Hoosiers?

Spring in Orange County Indiana

Hoosiers and Hemp

The Indiana Seed Commissioner (not a position found in every state – it certainly speaks to Indiana’s roots) has reportedly asked the federal government to waive their restriction for Hoosier farmers. The preceding Hoosier Tuesday column noted that the state had passed a law lifting its own restriction on the growth of hemp. This is just the next step in the process that will hopefully allow Indiana farmers to add another crop to their rotation.

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