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Thursdays on the Trail: Minnesota’s Brad Pitt

stewartmills_farmPOLITICO ran an article on Monday about “the Brad Pitt of the Republican Party”, a man named Stewart Mills who is running for Congress in Minnesota. Mills is trying to unseat Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN 08). Nolan served as a Congressman for Minnesota’s 6th District from 1976-1981 then beat GOP freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack in 2012. While Nolan is not technically a member of the national Democratic Party, he is part of Minnesota’s equivalent – the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and is part of the Democratic Caucus in the House.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Taking the Constitution back

What hasn't been seen for over 200 years may soon be seen again

What hasn’t been seen for over 200 years may soon be seen again

Recently, Indiana hosted legislators from all over the country to discuss the possibility of setting up a constitutional convention. This is something big, something real. A convention of this possible sort has not happened since the Constitution itself was ratified. While no amendments to the document were discussed, the ground rules for a possible convention were. As they say, baby steps.

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MidWest Wednesday: NFL cash grab in Minnesota


It seems like every week I am writing about how some rich dudes are trying to get more and more from the average joes. I don’t mean to…but the stories just keep on happening. This time, the NFL and their owners are the culprits. The Twin Cities were selected as the host for the 2018 Super Bowl, beating out Indianapolis and New Orleans. After seeing the list of demands the NFL is placing on Minneapolis-St. Paul, those two other cities may count themselves as lucky. I guess greed is one of the ways that the rich stay rich.

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The Cantor Loss

Cantor will step down as Majority Leader next month

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA 07) will step down as Majority Leader next month after losing last night’s primary

Editor’s note: Yes, I know Virginia is not in the Midwest but this is kind of a big story

Yesterday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA 07) lost in a primary election that was supposed to be a cakewalk. Twitter was abuzz with commentary last night – some which was thoughtful and insightful, some that shocked at what had occurred, and some that was just plain stupid. Today, the internet is littered with columns about “Why Eric Cantor Lost” and what it means nationally. Well, the answers are rather simple actually.

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The Purpose of a Primary?

The Mississippi Primary election will be a battle to the end...but is the end too soon?

The Mississippi Primary election will be a battle to the end…but is the end too soon?

Yesterday I received an email from the Chris McDaniel campaign (he is running against Senator Thad Cochran in the Mississippi primary). Ignoring that it was a request for money – every campaign mailer is in some shape or form – the precise issue he took umbrage with was very interesting. He states that Cochran is urging Democrats to vote for him in the primary. To McDaniel, this amounts to Republican treason it seems. To Cochran it could mean the difference between victory and defeat. The issue to me is much larger though.

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Michigan Monday: Road work ahead

2322577484_e4c721715e_zI remember an old joke from when I was growing up in Michigan – “How can you tell that winter is over…the orange starts blooming on the roads.” I am sure that a lot of Midwestern states have similar sayings, but it seemed especially true in the Great Lakes State. It seemed that massive stretches of major roadways were always being worked on (sometimes the same stretches over repeated years for who knows what reasons). As much as the work lags, the funding has lagged even more. That may be about to change though.

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Friday Fun – The Wealth of Superheroes

Fox News ran an interesting story on the world’s richest superheros and supervillains (you know, if they were real). It reminded me of the story I ran at the beginning of the year – who is that pays for all the destruction caused by superheros? It seems that some of them certainly should be helping out with more than just their super powers. Keep in mind, these are the “world’s” richest, so Thor and Loki don’t count.

Courtesy of Fox News and Buddy Loans: