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Bullets to start the week – 8/25

2130468466_a1efc9545e_zIn place of this week’s “Michigan Monday”, the bullets below are several links from the many stories saved in “article ideas” bookmark. I can’t quite make a full story out of them, but they are interesting and worth sharing. So, I once again present – Bullets to Start the Week…with a bit of a Michigan flair.

Detroit, the right’s perfect pinata – I have written about this before but the idea that the only people to blame for Detroit’s downfall are members of the Democratic Party is straight up insane. Yes, the majority of the elected officials within the Motor City in the past 70 years are/were Democrats. But Republicans and Independents were the ones who moved out of the city. Business leaders (who more often than not lean to the GOP) were the ones who shipped the jobs to the south or overseas. While the elected officials do shoulder a lot of the blame, the Big Three should carry quite a bit of it too. And you know what, the GOP is to blame for not appealing to the citizens of the city. They could have helped but they would rather stand on the sidelines and wag their finger saying “I told you so”. Maybe instead, they should start coming up with real solutions…like the one below (segue alert). Continue reading

Executive power – The Veto

6236338333_f9b8e6e08e_zAcross the Midwest the governors faces are heating up. Some of the most notable races in the U.S. are happening right here in our backyard. However, the governor making all the news isn’t running for re-election or even from the Midwest. Governor Rick Perry of Texas has been indicted because he vetoed a bill. Of course, that isn’t the whole story…but its close. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: More Ferguson

3624695782_44504c40c5_zLast week I talked about what happened in Ferguson Missouri…unfortunately, it is STILL going on. More details have come out and I just have to shake my head. The news conference is linked previously…but even that doesn’t tell everything. There is so much I just don’t understand about any of this Ferguson situation. I jumped in on the blame game too…and I based my article off of what we knew at the time. It may not have been fully correct, but the overall message still rings true, it is everyone’s fault. The kid, the cop, the protesters, the politicians, all of them share the blame is this disaster. One single thing did not cause this, a culmination of events and feelings and just things made this explode into a national tragedy. But don’t worry, breathe easy America, Eric Holder says “change is coming“. Yeah, just like all that hope and change that happened after November 2008. Continue reading

Michigan Monday: Detroit is not the next Ferguson, except it could be

DetroitPoliceHQ1300BeaubeinDetroit’s police chief stated Monday that the Motor City will not be the next Ferguson. He pointed to a (supposed) strong relationship between the community and the police as the main reasoning behind this declaration.

You have community members standing here with the police today. This is the Detroit Police Department and community relationship. We have community police officers… I’m not going to let the media take this thing and spin it to suggest we’re on the brink of civil unrest.

I am not suggesting that either. While Detroit is probably not the next Ferguson…but it could be another Ferguson. Detroit is not alone though, many cities throughout Michigan and the nation could see something similar occur if the wrong situations explode.

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The Ferguson blame game

sQY4DbBWhile Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is close to being the geographic center of the United States, it certainly is the center of news in America this week. The New York Times provides a very helpful timeline for those who have not followed the story from the beginning. The killing of an unarmed black man by police set off a firestorm that is reminiscent of so many other racially motivated explosions of city-wide violence in this country. It is sad and disgraceful and everyone is pointing the finger at someone else for what it has become. It is 2014, one would think we have moved past this crap…but it’s evident that America has not matured much since the 1950’s and 60’s.

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Hoosier Tuesday: Evansville’s role model


For starters – someone needs to upload a new picture of the Evansville skyline to Wikipedia. Casino Aztar is now Tropicana Evansville and has been for quite a while.

Yesterday I posted an article about how a group from Evansville trekked north to Grand Rapids, Michigan to look at how that city has grown and redeveloped their downtown. Grand Rapids is a nice model to base the cities goals on, but there are some significant differences to note…and some of them are rather substantial.

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Michigan Monday: Grand example

GrdowntownGrowing up in West Michigan, Grand Rapids was always somewhat of a destination for us. They had shopping malls and cool restaurants, plus my cousins lived there. But the area we frequented was 28th Street. We never went downtown, there just wasn’t anything to. That changed a bit as I grew older. In college, I went to a concert at Van Andel and went to a show at DeVos Hall as well. I also learned quickly that the BOB (Big Old Building) housed several good restaurants. As an adult I had the chance to stay downtown a couple of times with my family, each time seeing something new and different in downtown G.R. We experienced the new public museum (it opened in 1994 but was new to us), the children’s museum and walked along the riverfront. what once was a boring and rather desolate downtown had sprung to life.

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Thursdays on the Trail: Primary offers no suprises

1900_New_York_polling_placeTuesday served as the “way too late” primary day for several states in the union, including the Midwestern states of Michigan and Kansas. Things played out as expected in Michigan – Rep. Justin Amash won his primary battle and Rep. Kerry Bentivolio lost his. Because of how the districts have been drawn up in the Great Lakes States, the vast majority of those who won their primaries on Tuesday will be victorious in November including Amash and Dave Trott (the man who just demolished Bentivolio at the polls). The big races in Michigan will be those that did not fall prey to the partisan redistricting, i.e. the U.S. Senate and Governors races, where Rep. Gary Peters is running against Terri Lynn Land to see who fills the seat left by retiring Sen. Carl Levin and Governor Rick Snyder aims to keep his seat from challenger Mark Schauer.

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Bullets to start the week

2130468466_a1efc9545e_zIn place of this week’s “Michigan Monday”, the bullets below are several links that have been sitting open in my browser for a while. I can’t quite make a full story out of them, but they are interesting and worth sharing

I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag. The flag of the poor is Christian. Poverty is at the center of the Gospel…Communists say that all this is communism. Sure, twenty centuries later. So when they speak, one can say to them: ‘but then you are Christian’.

He has a very interesting point. Interpreted in a certain light, Communism is basically Christianity without Christ. What many of us who grew up during the latter stages of the Cold War think of as Communism is really a very perverted form of its ideals. What we know now is that the nature of man gets in the way of the Communist ideology, Communism can look great on paper but does not work in reality.

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