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Mental Health: A reader’s personal journey


Following yesterday’s post, I had a reader email me about his personal journey with mental health.

I want to tell you the story of a guy named Luke (not really his name, of course…but let’s call him that). I have little reason to doubt validity of what he shares as the guy had nothing to gain by emailing me. In fact, I greatly appreciate that someone can open up about this thereby allowing a very personal touch to be added to yesterday’s high-level discussion surrounding mental health and mental illness.

Luke’s story illustrates the classic approach to mental health in this country including its failings and successes. I think it is important for everyone to read this as it encapsulates one person dealing with, and attempting to overcome, some pretty heavy stuff.

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Politics 101: Focus on guns, not mental health

Too often the debate centers around the image on the left when what we should really be talking about is on the right

Too often the debate centers around the image on the left when what we should really be talking about is on the right

Last week another gun related tragedy occurred, this time in Washington State. A young man entered the cafeteria, brandished a weapon, and started shooting before turning it in himself. His actions led to several injuries and three deaths (including his own).

Afterwards, reports focused on how well liked the young man was but that he had seemingly been under some emotional duress recently according to his Twitter feed. Well, no shit! Top notch reporting there.

People who are feeling good about life, about themselves and their personal situations, do NOT start a shooting spree at school that leads to their death. People who are emotionally stable and chemically balanced in their brain simply don’t do things like this. Continue reading

America…where have I been you ask?

ShrugEmoticon-1024x682This summer, updates to The MidWest Wing have been sporadic at best and I apologize for that. You might be asking – where has he been, is this place dying? The answer to the latterĀ part is an emphatic NO. Answering the former will take a little longer though. In simple terms, I have been busy writing elsewhere for places that generate income. But there is more to it than just that. I have been struggling with what I want this place to be, to become? Where do I want to go? Do I want this to just be a place where I post news and come to vent or do I want to get back to my original goal?

When I started this blog a couple of years back I had reasoning. It has gone through a couple different names and a few different websites but the idea and motivation remain the same – to change America. I thought maybe I could be a news site, aggregating some overlooked stories and putting my spin on them. That is what my weekly columns all started out as. But then, frankly, they became bland and boring. They weren’t ME and it reflected in my writing. I was struggling each week to find something worthwhile and just picking stories that fit into a large bubble of being slightly topical to the assigned topic/state at hand on any given day. People should come here not to see the same stuff they can get anywhere else, The MidWest Wing should be a place where unique ideas are discussed, where interesting concepts are flushed out…NOT where the same political junk is rehashed and recycled or a place you read about something that might just as well appear on your local news. Continue reading

Hoosier Tuesday: Tully – Congressional hearings on Congress

Dirksen226It has been awhile since I sat down to write a Hoosier Tuesday column. Partly this is because politics in Indiana haven’t been all that newsworthy. There aren’t any competitive races, nothing with a national impact or appeal. But Matthew Tully’s column ends that dry-spell for us.

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Michigan Monday: More on football

Alternatively titled “Moron Football”moron-origin1

Well, today is a bit of a deviation from the usual politics and policy talk that is routine here. Instead, I am going to focus on the University of Michigan football team. To put it bluntly, this entire organization seems to be run by complete morons – specifically Athletic Director Dave Brandon and Head Coach Brady Hoke. Now, I don’t have the “hot takez” like you will see on the innumerable message boards related to this matter…I am just a lifelong fan of Michigan. Continue reading