The GOP overcame the media

newspaper-418919_640Previously in the series – Why the GOP is losing: Healthcare

So, I had previously started a series (of…one, I know – way to follow through) looking at why the GOP seemed to be losing on the national stage. As we now know, they didn’t actually lose, they won. In fact, in doing so, they overcame some big hurdles including large media. So the look below covers a bit of everything.


The media loves to portray the Republican Party as (insert dumb/racist/sexist/etc here) and frankly that is because the Republican Party is to blame for giving them so much ammunition. The clip below is from the Daily Show (yes, not full-fledged legitimate media but their reach is quite profound) and it provides a classic example.

On one side you have a Democratic congressman, on the other you have a local Republican county co-chair. Not exactly apples to apples there eh? I wonder how they approached the GOP “official”. Did they say – “Hi, we are here from Comedy Central’s Daily Show and intend to make you look like a complete idiot”? Why in the world would this guy agree to be interviewed?

While the Daily Show example is obviously an extreme one, it is far from the only one (especially within the Daily Show itself). All media does it. Often this is because it seems that in the media’s eyes, Democrats are on the side of angels while Republicans are stuck in their backwards, dated ways.

But, as we saw two weeks ago, many Americans seem to be ignoring the media’s opinion on politics. Additionally, in the past several months, they have soured a bit on the President thanks to issues related to Obamacare, foreign policy, the economy, and his general attitude towards the office.

This certainly doesn’t mean the war has been won though. The 2016 elections will be a huge test for the Republican Party. Not only will they (likely) have to face another media darling in Hillary Clinton, but possibility of a huge primary field could end up eating itself alive…something the media would continually play up. The media will play a HUGE role in the 2016 elections. The sound bites they air and time they dedicate towards a candidate’s stand on the issues could very well determine just who the front runner for the nomination is.

Given the above, and the chance that the media could push someone to the forefront who is actually a weaker candidate in the hopes of having (at least) 4 years of HRC. So, those who plan to seek the Republican nomination need to have talented and aggressive press staffs as well as cutting edge policy minds within their campaigns. Mrs. Clinton will have vast resources – both in political talent as well as money – at her disposal. The Republicans will need to match her step for step if they hope to claim an even greater victory in 2016.

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