America…where have I been you ask?

ShrugEmoticon-1024x682This summer, updates to The MidWest Wing have been sporadic at best and I apologize for that. You might be asking – where has he been, is this place dying? The answer to the latter part is an emphatic NO. Answering the former will take a little longer though. In simple terms, I have been busy writing elsewhere for places that generate income. But there is more to it than just that. I have been struggling with what I want this place to be, to become? Where do I want to go? Do I want this to just be a place where I post news and come to vent or do I want to get back to my original goal?

When I started this blog a couple of years back I had reasoning. It has gone through a couple different names and a few different websites but the idea and motivation remain the same – to change America. I thought maybe I could be a news site, aggregating some overlooked stories and putting my spin on them. That is what my weekly columns all started out as. But then, frankly, they became bland and boring. They weren’t ME and it reflected in my writing. I was struggling each week to find something worthwhile and just picking stories that fit into a large bubble of being slightly topical to the assigned topic/state at hand on any given day. People should come here not to see the same stuff they can get anywhere else, The MidWest Wing should be a place where unique ideas are discussed, where interesting concepts are flushed out…NOT where the same political junk is rehashed and recycled or a place you read about something that might just as well appear on your local news.

Sure, there have been some bright spots here in the past several months, one that I am particularly proud of is the discussion over student loans and tuition. The “Bullets to Start the Week” column is fun, so that will continue…plus it gets a ton of stories out of my bookmarks. However, in seeking a path forward, I looked to the past. My very first post is, unfortunately, just as topical today as it was back then. It has been more than three years and there has been change…but it certainly hasn’t been for the better. America is falling apart and the world is right there with it. The polling question that gets asked so often it has become a staple of elections – “are you better off now then you were then” (then being any assignable spot when the opposing party had control) – could be easily be brought up here. My life is better than it was three years ago, but it has nothing to do with anyone or anything in Washington or Indianapolis. In fact, I dare say that it has been in spite of the government. I am betting the same goes for you as well.

America is falling apart and we are seemingly led by people who just don’t care. Yeah, they will tell you that they mean to do this and mean to do that and if you could only give them $10 or $15 or $50 of $100 then results would occur. Bullshit! We have a President who promised hope and change in 2008…and hasn’t done a damn thing since getting elected. Yup, we have Obamacare. Has that actually helped anyone yet? There is a woman in my town who has cancer and doesn’t have insurance. Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to fix that? We had mass riots in the center of our nation and the President was dancing the night away…but he did say it was “concerning”, so there’s that I guess. He told us he was going to work with Republicans, that he wouldn’t succumb to partisan gridlock. Bullshit AGAIN! He has utterly failed to work with Republicans and while he can blame it on the GOP all day long, he and his party are just as guilty as Republicans for the partisan gridlock that has almost paralyzed this nation.

When I tell people I am a writer and the very next question is what I write about (politics, sometimes sports) they invariable follow that up with “what party are you?” My answer used to be Republican. I worked for two Republican members of Congress and the Republican Party of Iowa. Things are different now though. The last few times I have answered them I have said “I am a Conservative” or “I am an Independent Conservative”. I will admit, Indiana thankfully makes this easier than other states. I don’t have to register with a certain party in order to partake in the primary elections like I would elsewhere. I want to be involved and voting – regardless of the election – is one very simple way to do that…but there is certainly more that can be done.

You know,the people who ran this country used to be great. They accomplished so many things of monumental importance (perhaps why we have so many monuments to them, but i digress). These people kept us safe and worked to make our lives better. They fought both for our freedom as well as to keep us united. We no longer seem to have that in Washington. Yes, we still have some very good men and women working on our behalf…but that number seems to constantly dwindle.

We bitch and moan about how bad the government and politicians are…yet we don’t even take the time to vote. The very reason that elections were part of this nation’s foundation was so the people could have a voice. Right now that voice resembles a bunch of passive aggressive whiners…basically, children. You want Mommy and Daddy to buy that new toy for you, but when they say you need to chip in for part of it the tears start to flow and the excuses fly in from every direction.

You don’t like the way things are being done? Vote dammit! The act of casting your ballot is easier than ordering a drink at Starbucks. But while we complain about Washington we can’t be bothered to take a few minutes every two years to decide who exactly should be representing us on Capitol Hill.

So, new rule America – you don’t vote, you can’t complain! Seems pretty simple to me. Let’s start there…

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