Hoosier Tuesday: Tully – Congressional hearings on Congress

Dirksen226It has been awhile since I sat down to write a Hoosier Tuesday column. Partly this is because politics in Indiana haven’t been all that newsworthy. There aren’t any competitive races, nothing with a national impact or appeal. But Matthew Tully’s column ends that dry-spell for us.

Tully suggests that Congress should hold hearing regarding Congressional dysfunction. Obviously they would never do such a thing. His point though is that while Congress sits in judgement of numerous other entities and wags their finger in a disapproving manner (his example is the GM recall issue) someone should be doing the same to them. And I fully agree! Someone should call Congress to the forefront and have them answer for their complete and utter lack of representation and their inability to get things done. That someone should be the American people.

Every two years we have the ability to evaluate our leaders. But we don’t seem to take advantage of that opportunity. We bitch and whine about Congress but when it comes time to do something about it, we just stick our heads in the sand. Congress has roughly the same approval rating as cockroaches. Funny enough, they are both equally hard to get rid of once you are acquire them. More Americans would rather get lice or be stuck in a traffic jam than give a thumbs up to Congress. But, we still elect them…over and over and over again. Once a person has been elected to Congress, they basically stay there until they decide they want to leave. Yup, despite ranking below root canals and colonoscopies, well over 80 percent of congressional incumbents are re-elected every time their name is on the ballot. Sad, huh?

It seems like we have a couple different scenarios that could address the problem

  • Scenario A: We adjust our expectations of Congress – and by extension the federal government. We accept that we will keep sending our money to Washington to be wasted by people we don’t trust and we understand that more often than not they will not pass laws that will help this nation move forward.
  • Scenario B: We keep complaining but do nothing. Basically, status-quo for America. If I had to guess, I would say that this would be the overwhelming choice because complaining is our true national past-time.
  • Scenario C: We actually fight for change. We start to hold our elected officials accountable for the in-action and overwhelming waste in Washington. We start to elect new people to Congress, people who will fight for US (and U.S.). We urge new people with new ideas to run for office. And, above all, WE VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!

So, what do you say America…the ball is in your court.

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