Returning from the abyss

6814934-wallpaper-abyssWell, it has been roughly a gazillion months since I was able to post here. My stubbornness to fix the site problems by myself, as well as some writing contracts caused this to fall by the relative waste-side. It’s not that I was abandoning The Midwest Wing, it is just that the task ahead of me so daunting that it kind of pushed me away. It appears, though, that almost all of the problems are now fixed. While I still can’t create “pretty permalinks” I am really not going to let an inconsequential matter such as that keep me from ramping this back up. There is so very much to talk about…and I haven’t talked about any of it.

There are 482 people running for the GOP nomination for the presidential election in 2016…wait, make that 483…it seems that guy over there just threw his hat in the ring. No idea who he is, but he probably has similar qualifications to several others who are running, so why not?

The President continues to blunder his way through his remaining days in office. Congress is more than happy to sit back and just point their fingers at those across the aisle when the public asks why they are sitting back doing nothing.

People seem to be shooting a lot of other people who look different from them. In some cases, this creates a massive uproar in the community and in others nobody gives a crap. The only thing they can agree upon is that it really wasn’t their fault. The blame falls on “the man”…whether “the man” is a police officer, a random middle to upper-class person, or just someone they felt like shooting.

The thing is, as bad as things may seem from sea to shining sea, it is not as if any other place in the world is doing things all that much better than we are. Yay humanity!

I am glad to be back. There will be some hiccups along the way again as I switch hosts/servers/whatever but that is all they should be. If they turn into something more – like that girl who was on the Today Show – then I WILL ask for help. I promise.

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