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IRS concerns still relevant

The blocks that make up the IRS building might not even be as dense as some of those who work inside

The blocks that make up the IRS building might not even be as dense as some of those who work inside

This post originally published in 2013. I believe, that while some of the details have changed, the overall message still applies two-plus years later

The Internal Revenue Service is on course to hand out $70 million in bonuses even as the agency is mired in scandal. The IRS is still under fire for targeting conservative groups prior to the 2010 and 2012 elections. This latest news is sure to draw ire from Republicans in both the House and Senate – and rightly so. Continue reading

The Importance of Electoral Education and Voting


(A reflection upon our election…and what the Founding Fathers of our nation thoughts were towards voting and how important it was)

Americans HATE electoral politics. How else can you explain the low turnout year after year and the immense relief that comes on the first Wednesday of November (the day after Election Day)? They are continually bombarded with ads on the television, the radio, in their mailbox and their neighbor’s front yard. Once Election Day passes, they won’t have to worry about being called at night for the sixth time in seven days asking them who they plan to vote for or why they should vote for this candidate over the other. For many, they simply cannot wait until this is over, for life to return to normal. They either don’t plan to vote or they go into the voting booth and check off the most familiar names they see without really thinking about the consequences.

With Congressional approval well below 20 percent one would think that Americans would be energized for change. Perhaps the problem is that they just don’t feel that their votes will matter or they don’t know who or what these candidates really are. Others lament the “dirty politics” of negative ads. The truth though is that negative campaigning has been around almost as long as the nation has existed. Continue reading

Hoosier Tuesday: Tully – Congressional hearings on Congress

Dirksen226It has been awhile since I sat down to write a Hoosier Tuesday column. Partly this is because politics in Indiana haven’t been all that newsworthy. There aren’t any competitive races, nothing with a national impact or appeal. But Matthew Tully’s column ends that dry-spell for us.

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You’re either in or you’re out

I love Ocean’s Eleven. I loved 12 and 13 too. Heck, I would have loved for it to go all the way to 21. I never thought I would be using a line from the movie in a conversation about foreign affairs. It fits though.

I had thought about going with something my Dad used to say when I was younger – “shit or get off the pot” – but figured Google might have a problem with me cussing in a blog post title. I think that it is rather appropriate for our foreign policy too. President Obama’s half-measures aren’t working, plain and simple. Just go ahead and look at the front page of any major media website. We are not in Iraq…except that we are. We are pulling our troops out of Afghanistan anymore….except for those that aren’t being pulled out. And who knows what the hell we are doing in regards to Russia and the Ukraine.

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MidWest Wednesday: One House to rule them all

They all sit here...unicameral and nonpartisan

They all sit here…unicameral and nonpartisan

Nebraska is just a little bit different than other states when it comes to politics. Not only are they farther ahead of other states when it comes to their electoral college approach, but they also have a non-partisan unicameral legislature. This means that there is only one House…and it is not divided into Republican or Democrat.

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The “Occupy…” And “Tea Party” Movements – Brothers From The Same Mother

It seems that each party has its lightning rod subgroups, with the Republicans it is the Tea Party and with the Democrats it is – or could become – the Occupy (wherever) Movement.  In 2008 and 2009 the Tea Party movement was born and grew from nothing into a very big something.  In 2011, the Occupy (insert place here) Movement spring up across the nation.  One group – very conservative, the other – very liberal.  What is interesting though is that these two groups are really born out of the same issue – unhappiness with government role and actions within our economy.

Tea Party Protest, Washington D.C. September 1...

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Incorrect outrage over Congressional Health Care

In the past few weeks I have noticed a rise in the popularity of a common misperception: free health-care for our US Senators and Representatives.  Furthermore, some even carry it forward to their staffs (this also goes along with the “Congressional Employees and Officials do not pay into Social Security but receive all the benefits).

Simply put, this is 100% false.

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SOTU rebuttal

I had the thought that with this blog I would refrain from naming names and try “rise above the fray”. I will continue to try and do this. However, there is an irksome matter I want to address.

It seems that some Republicans (ok, one Republican) felt that the official rebuttal to be given by Rep. Paul Ryan is just simply not good enough. It appears that some are not behind the official selection made by the Speaker of the House and the Senate Minority Leader. So much for Republicans being united in this new Congress.

It is fine to have your own thoughts about the SOTU. That is what press releases and interviews with your local media (or the quick hits on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC) are for. Republicans have an important chance to make a statement tomorrow night – it would be nice if they made it in unison.

– Sam the Eagle

A discussion on Birthright Citizenship

This past summer the topic of “birthright citizenship” temporarily came to the forefront of the immigration debate, especially within the Republican Party.  While the discussion was high level, it seemed to lack the necessary traction to actually become anything than political pandering.

That may have changed though.

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