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America…where have I been you ask?

ShrugEmoticon-1024x682This summer, updates to The MidWest Wing have been sporadic at best and I apologize for that. You might be asking – where has he been, is this place dying? The answer to the latter part is an emphatic NO. Answering the former will take a little longer though. In simple terms, I have been busy writing elsewhere for places that generate income. But there is more to it than just that. I have been struggling with what I want this place to be, to become? Where do I want to go? Do I want this to just be a place where I post news and come to vent or do I want to get back to my original goal?

When I started this blog a couple of years back I had reasoning. It has gone through a couple different names and a few different websites but the idea and motivation remain the same – to change America. I thought maybe I could be a news site, aggregating some overlooked stories and putting my spin on them. That is what my weekly columns all started out as. But then, frankly, they became bland and boring. They weren’t ME and it reflected in my writing. I was struggling each week to find something worthwhile and just picking stories that fit into a large bubble of being slightly topical to the assigned topic/state at hand on any given day. People should come here not to see the same stuff they can get anywhere else, The MidWest Wing should be a place where unique ideas are discussed, where interesting concepts are flushed out…NOT where the same political junk is rehashed and recycled or a place you read about something that might just as well appear on your local news. Continue reading

Recall Elections – The Modern Day Sore Loser Syndrome

Democrats in Wisconsin have announced they (allegedly) have over 1 Million signatures on petitions requesting the removal of Gov. Scott Walker.  Before you go thinking, “Man, 1 Million, that is a lot” bear in mind, these are not 1 Million unique signatures, just signatures.  There have been multiple reports of people signing petitions multiple times and other not-so-legal but not illegal activities related to this recall process.  However, what is completely ignored is the general abuse of the over all recall process.  It is something that both parties have used to their advantage over the past few years, but that certainly doesn’t make it right.  I dare say that recall elections are actually anti-American – circumventing the official election process while costing the people of your state/district/town thousands if not millions of dollars in expenses certainly fits the bill of un-American to me (and that is not something I throw around lightly).

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