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The GOP overcame the media

newspaper-418919_640Previously in the series – Why the GOP is losing: Healthcare

So, I had previously started a series (of…one, I know – way to follow through) looking at why the GOP seemed to be losing on the national stage. As we now know, they didn’t actually lose, they won. In fact, in doing so, they overcame some big hurdles including large media. So the look below covers a bit of everything.


The media loves to portray the Republican Party as (insert dumb/racist/sexist/etc here) and frankly that is because the Republican Party is to blame for giving them so much ammunition. The clip below is from the Daily Show (yes, not full-fledged legitimate media but their reach is quite profound) and it provides a classic example.

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This is CNN?

Recently, CNN’s Jake Tapper caused quite the controversy when his interview with Lone Survivor author┬áNavy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (and Mark Wahlberg, who plays Luttrell in the movie adaptation) went awry. The problem, as so often occurs these days, is that Tapper’s question was not worded correctly (whether on purpose or not is up to you to decide) and from there everything spun out of control.

(video embedded below)

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