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Michigan Monday: More on football

Alternatively titled “Moron Football”moron-origin1

Well, today is a bit of a deviation from the usual politics and policy talk that is routine here. Instead, I am going to focus on the University of Michigan football team. To put it bluntly, this entire organization seems to be run by complete morons – specifically Athletic Director Dave Brandon and Head Coach Brady Hoke. Now, I don’t have the “hot takez” like you will see on the innumerable message boards related to this matter…I am just a lifelong fan of Michigan. Continue reading

Michigan Monday: Everywhere and Nowhere

Old maps = beautiful artwork

Old maps = beautiful artwork

There is a lot I could cover today. I mean, there is a race for the governor’s mansion that could shape the state for the next four years. There is a battle for the United States Senate seat currently held by the retiring Carl Levin that could influence the entire nation. Or I could talk about sports – specifically the debacle in Ann Arbor on Saturday and the victories of the Tigers and Lions on Sunday. So, maybe I will talk about them all while not going to in-depth on any of them. Continue reading