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The GOP overcame the media

newspaper-418919_640Previously in the series – Why the GOP is losing: Healthcare

So, I had previously started a series (of…one, I know – way to follow through) looking at why the GOP seemed to be losing on the national stage. As we now know, they didn’t actually lose, they won. In fact, in doing so, they overcame some big hurdles including large media. So the look below covers a bit of everything.


The media loves to portray the Republican Party as (insert dumb/racist/sexist/etc here) and frankly that is because the Republican Party is to blame for giving them so much ammunition. The clip below is from the Daily Show (yes, not full-fledged legitimate media but their reach is quite profound) and it provides a classic example.

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America…where have I been you ask?

ShrugEmoticon-1024x682This summer, updates to The MidWest Wing have been sporadic at best and I apologize for that. You might be asking – where has he been, is this place dying? The answer to the latter part is an emphatic NO. Answering the former will take a little longer though. In simple terms, I have been busy writing elsewhere for places that generate income. But there is more to it than just that. I have been struggling with what I want this place to be, to become? Where do I want to go? Do I want this to just be a place where I post news and come to vent or do I want to get back to my original goal?

When I started this blog a couple of years back I had reasoning. It has gone through a couple different names and a few different websites but the idea and motivation remain the same – to change America. I thought maybe I could be a news site, aggregating some overlooked stories and putting my spin on them. That is what my weekly columns all started out as. But then, frankly, they became bland and boring. They weren’t ME and it reflected in my writing. I was struggling each week to find something worthwhile and just picking stories that fit into a large bubble of being slightly topical to the assigned topic/state at hand on any given day. People should come here not to see the same stuff they can get anywhere else, The MidWest Wing should be a place where unique ideas are discussed, where interesting concepts are flushed out…NOT where the same political junk is rehashed and recycled or a place you read about something that might just as well appear on your local news. Continue reading

You’re either in or you’re out

I love Ocean’s Eleven. I loved 12 and 13 too. Heck, I would have loved for it to go all the way to 21. I never thought I would be using a line from the movie in a conversation about foreign affairs. It fits though.

I had thought about going with something my Dad used to say when I was younger – “shit or get off the pot” – but figured Google might have a problem with me cussing in a blog post title. I think that it is rather appropriate for our foreign policy too. President Obama’s half-measures aren’t working, plain and simple. Just go ahead and look at the front page of any major media website. We are not in Iraq…except that we are. We are pulling our troops out of Afghanistan anymore….except for those that aren’t being pulled out. And who knows what the hell we are doing in regards to Russia and the Ukraine.

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Thursdays on the Trail: A message of moving foward

Elephas_maximus_(Bandipur)For quite some time I/we have stated here that the Republican Party in order to be successful moving forward needs a message about moving forward. And, in some ways, they have. It’s easy to see that in states like Indiana and Michigan, Ohio and Iowa. Republicans are leading their states forward, making them better places to work, live and raise a family. Somehow, it seems that Republicans inside the beltway haven’t gotten this message though. Congressional job approval is on par with death and eating dirt three times a day. So it’s interesting that the man who helped orchestrate the GOP reign in DC has something to say on the matter. Continue reading

MidWest Wednesday: War on Coal

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Coal can be clean, regardless of what the Obama Administration says

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court added fuel to President Obama’s war on coal. By a decision of 6 to 2, the SCOTU upheld the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule which stated that states with coal-fired power plants were subject to different standards than their neighbors who may not have as many coal-fired plants.

The impact of the ruling upon utilities may be minimal though, as many states have either retrofitted existing coal plants to comply with other EPA regulations or have shut down their plants in favor of natural gas. Continue reading

Reagan and the Russia problem


Much has been made of Ronald Reagan’s legacy within both the Republican Party and American history. While he is not coming back, no matter how much the GOP wants him too, the leadership he exhibited can re-emerge. The question  we have posited here many times before is: who will be that leader?

No, I am not saying that the person the Republicans nominate in 2016 should be a Reagan clone. In fact, far from it. What we can do is look to Reagan and see that the options may not be as concrete as some think they are.

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MidWest Wednesday: myRA is a lot of nothing


State of the Union 2014

State of the Union 2014

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union Address (so, I am sorry, the MidWest Wednesday has a bit of a broader focus today). It was, by most accounts, a pretty bland affair. I watched while unpacking so I did not pay full attention but it seemed as though he just rehashed points we have heard time and again. 

There was something new though that caught my ear – the myRA (he had a bit of trouble spitting that one out). Continue reading